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  • Over 90% bigger than factory
  • Up to 60 degree cooler air intake temps
  • Bolts in factory location and under factory cover
  • Some Trimming is a required due to our Intercooler being much bigger than the factory intercooler
  • Includes 10 Inch Spal Fan with a flow rating of 1115 CFM
  • Performs even better with the intercooler override switch *not included*
  • Made In house in the USA! 


Here at Treal Performance we pride ourselves on providing high quality products that give the highest performance, look the best, and that our customer can be very glad they have on their vehicle. We are happy to say we have been able to that again with our intercooler kit for the X3!!!

We have CAD designed the intercooler to maximize the flow and cooling ability and still be able to bolt in to the factory location and give you the ability to still run the factory top cover as well. Our end tanks and shroud have a sleek design that are CNC cut for a consistence and precise fitment on every intercooler we build, they are TIG welded in house by some of the industry’s best welders!

Treal Performance intercooler has been built to withstand over 55lbs of boost!! No more needing to worry about the tanks coming apart like the factory ones can do! Our intercooler core uses a Bar and Plate construction with a dense louvered fin design on ambient air path and dense offset fins on charge air path for maximum cooling and performance, rated for over 450hp! Our core size is 10.25x12x3.5 inches with 15 rows vs the stock one that is only 10x10x2.25 inches and only 13 rows that’s nearing 91% bigger in cubic volume!!

We have also paired up a powerful 10-inch Spal high performance fan with our intercooler and come standard with our Intercooler for the X3. This fan has a flow rating of 1115 CFM that’s 365 CFM more that the Improved 2018 factory intercooler fan. The two of these together gives a winning combination that will out-performance the competition!!

Treal Performance Intercooler

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